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アンカー 1

On the first floor floor, we sell clothing items such as tops, bottoms, outer and inner, and fashion miscellaneous goods such as hats, shoes and accessories, with the theme of adult ethnic fashion. In our shop we take shoes off to enter the shop so that you can see the products relaxedly.


アンカー 2

On the 2nd floor floor, we are mainly selling interior goods such as ata products, ata bags, small Asian goods such as wallets and pouches, cloth products such as Ikat, dishes and furniture, and ornaments.



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Kochi's Ethnic Fashion · Ata Bag · Asian Goods Sales : Jepun Kochi
780-0081 Kochi Prefecture, Kochi City, Kita Kawagoe3-5  Tel(088-882-6778)Open(10:30~19:00)
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