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  • 2020/9/30 NEW OPEN
    Jepun KOCHI DAIMARU Fukuoka Tenjin

  • 2020/8/12-8/18
    Jupun Kochi "POP UP STORE"
    Hakata DAIMARU

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information history

In Jepun Kochi,
We propose Ethnic fashion (clothing, fashion accessories), Asian goods, ata bag, etc. to Kochi through production areas throughout Asia including Bali, India, Thailand, Nepal, Korea and South Korea.
In addition, we sell events at department stores, wholesale sales of ethnic clothing, costume making, etc. Through ethnic fashion, we will deliver the thoughts of craftsmen from Asia to our customers.


Pick up


Ethnic fashion for Mrs.

From fashion accessories such as accessories such as bracelets and necklace earrings and ata-bags, tunics, pants, dresses etc. We have a wide selection of ethnic women's adult women's clothing.

What is Atabag?

Ata bag is a bag made using natural material Ata. Easy texture excites the feeling of Asian resort. Shawl shoulder and handbags, we stock a lot of one point and our original ata bag.

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