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Corporate philosophy

"good for everyone"
Spirit of "Good for sellers, buyers, good world"

Even if you are going inside the business to another country,
Everyone in this country, people are keenly mindfully advised,
I did not think about myself, I thought of everyone as a good person,
Depending on Megumi of the heaven regardless of high interest or hope,
Just think carefully for the people you are going to,
With that in mind, relieve yourself, things of Buddha,
As we are constantly believed to be devout and enter the countries,
Right as shown on the right side of my heart I will try my best to apologize,

Even if you go out to a foreign country to go to the trade,
Make it so that all customers in that country can wear pleasantly,
I thought about the customer first before my own thing,
I do not want high interest rates at once,
He humbly states that everything depends on the blessings of the heavenly,
Just thinking of people in the rural areas where they are going down
I have to do business.
If you do so, you can live healthy with both heaven and mind.
Do not forget the faithful to the Buddha and Buddha so as not to cause nausea in your heart.
When going on a carry-down trip,
The above-mentioned mind is the most important thing.



  • January 2005 Started selling Bali imported furniture at Minami Kawazoe, Kochi City

  • Opened as of October 2006 location (Kochi city Kitakawazoe) opened

  • February 2007 Establishment of store introduction WEB site opened

  • May 2008 store 2F renewal

  • March 2009 Ethnic clothes, Mrs. fashion mail order "jepun plus" opened

Business contents

  • Retail and wholesale of ethnic clothes, fashion goods, Bali · Asian goods, interior etc by real stores.(Including product imports from Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, Korea, China and production and sale of original apparel)

  • Retail and wholesale by online shopping site. ※ The product group to use is the same as the real store.

  • Yosakoi · festival costume, staff uniform production.

  • Event sales at each store of Daimaru Matsuzakaya group.

  • Herman Miller Japan Kochi Prefecture Authorized Dealer

  • Minnetonka Authorized Distributor


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