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About Jupunkouchi

Jepun Kochi - Jupunkouchi - We propose ethnic fashion (such as clothing, fashion accessories, Asian goods, atabag, etc) to Kochi through production sites throughout Asia such as Bali, India, Thailand, Nepal, Korea etc. We do.

Origin of store name

"Jepun" which is a store name is Indonesian.
And in Japan is the name of the flower called "Plumeria".
In Bali, Jupun is in full bloom and it is familiar as a very familiar flower.
From the thought that Bali's loving shopkeeper would like to bring in Bali's products more closely, we named our shop "Jupunkochi"

Company name Jepun Kochi

Location 3-5 Kitakawazo Kochi City Kochi Prefecture 780-0081

Representative    Namazue Ichiro 

Phone number 088-882-6778

Fax number 088-880-3301

Business hours 10: 30-19: 00

Fixed holiday irregular holiday

9 car parks


Online shopping


Confirm the questions and inventory of products

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