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Let's go to Kochi's ethnic fashion [Jepun Kochi]


"Jepun Kochi - Jupunkouchi" dealing with ethnic fashion, Asian miscellaneous goods, interior is located in Kita Kawazoe, Kochi Prefecture.

1. Get off Kochi IC and head south.
After crossing the Kumagawa bridge, turn left at the first intersection.

3. Bali miscellaneous goods in the apartment
On the left you will see an apartment with a sign of "Bali miscellaneous goods".
It is dangerous if you look too hard.

2. After turning left, aim for the first signal.
"Susirow" and "Tosanishito" will be visible on your right.

4. Yellow hat is a landmark.
Turn left at the intersection where "Yellow hat" and "Tosanishito" are located, to the direction where there is Yellowhat.

5. The shop is a little more.
After turning left, straight ahead.
Next to the apartment is a shop.
Do not miss the yellow flag and Jepun Kochi's climb standing.

Address: 3-5 Kitakawazo, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture

Time required

About 5 minutes by car from Kochi Inter
About 10 minutes by car from JR Kochi Station
About 30 minutes by car from Kochi Ryoma airport

6. Arrived at the shop!
Welcome, welcome to Kochi's ethnic fashion miscellaneous shop "Jepun Kochi - Jupunkouchi"!
Please get your car in front of the shop.


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