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Jepun Kochi - Jupunkochi, an ethnic fashion and Asian grocery store, knows ethnic fashion (such as clothing, fashion accessories, miscellaneous goods, atabag, etc) through production sites throughout Asia, such as Bali, India, Thailand, Nepal, We propose to everyone.

Incorporate Asia into life.

Proposal for Asian fashion with no material, easy material.

Ata products



Ata-bag "Ata" which is the material of the Ata product is a plant of the fernaceae native to Indonesia. Skilled craftsmen carefully slowly braid the vine of a slice that was torn.


Introduction of work process until ata product >>>



Atabag selling at our shop is the original bag made up by ordering the local craftworkers directly for the local craftworkers every season until the design of the bag and the hands and patterns of the inner fabric, etc. There are only things that are not there. In the case of

Ethnic fashion · accessories


Based on the theme of ethnic and Asian fashion from the thirties, we have a wide selection of adult ethnic fashion items arrived from Asian countries such as tunic, pants, one piece. We also have many other ethnic accessories and accessories that are easy to incorporate, such as hats, stalls, bags, shoes, necklaces and bracelets, pierced earrings.

Jepun Kochi is an authorized Minnetonka distributor. You can purchase high quality authentic Minnetonka shoes with confidence.


Jupunkouchi buyer is a fashion brand that stimulates the antenna of everyone, beyond the frame of ethnic, nationality, race, sex, age.

We prepare nice ethnic fashion items that you can enjoy a wide range from young people to Mrs every season, it has become a select that focused on the world.

Interior · Asian goods

"To incorporate Asia into our daily lives"
We propose a relaxing lifestyle.

We have a lot of miscellaneous goods such as household goods such as furniture full of Asian taste, lamps, tableware, etc., hobby including key holders, letter set, incense etc.
As well as for home use, we also have unique ethnic miscellaneous goods that we would like to recommend for gifts, so please take a look at the store.

Jepun KOCHI is an authorized distributor of Herman Miller. Orders of furniture that colors the room modernly are also available from time to time.

Gamelan ball


We are handling a large number of gamelan balls playing the tone of healing, Balinese mystery amulet that is said to carry happiness, which is becoming a topic and appearing in the drama, which is said to carry happiness.
The round shape of the gamelan ball represents "moon" where God lives, and its motif is designed from sacred nature such as sea, star, moon, flower and so on.
There are also designs with a power stone, so it is highly recommended as a gift.

Jupunkouchi mail order site

Some items handled by Jupunkochi can also be purchased from the Internet.

Jupunkochi product catalog

The product of Jepun Kochi - Jupunkochi - will be succeeded to another creator from one creator and finally completed.
It is because the affections of the creators are pouring in to feel the attachment from the moment the customer picked up.
Please feel the thought of the creators of various parts of Asia related to Jepun Kochi - Jupunkochi. In the case of

What is important is that it is not thrown away. Do not lose sight of truly important things.
To open your mind. Having the courage to throw away the burden that binds my mind.
If in doubt go back to the origin. Then you should see true values.

Jepun Kochi - Jupunkochi - proposes a lifestyle for being free you forever.


Confirm the questions and inventory of products

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