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Our shop ata bag is all original.

Atabag selling at our shop has been making orders directly to the local craftsmen until it comes to the design of the bag, the handle, the inner cloth pattern, and the owner.

Ata bag of the original order full of owner's preference, of course, we do not handle in other shops.

We are preparing a wonderful ata-bag that you can use forever.

Until Ata products are made

Ata products made in the back of the jungle in Bali
Walking on a railroad road 2 hours ... Suddenly a village that will make you appeared.

A kind of fern
This plant growing in the jungle is the raw material of Ata products, Ata (a kind of fern).
It is difficult to cultivate, collect and use native plants.

Dry crane
It is a crane of dried tha.
Nowadays Bali is getting less and it is imported from other islands in Indonesia.

Bake dried crane
It is quite a difficult task to break down thinly so that it can not be cut in the middle.

Knitting a crane of Ata
I will braise what I've crunched finely. I can not do it unless it is skilled craftsmen to tear it in pieces.

Crafter's technique
I will crochet slowly carefully one by one. This is also a work unique to skilled craftsmen.

To make a black handle
I will make a pattern by braiding the black part of this root. The Ata product is completed while repeating delicate work that is distracting.

Braid a pattern
I will also make knitting carefully the middle handle. This work is also made by a skilled craftman.

The braised

Ata to be dried is sun dried under the strong sun of burr.


Smoking (mushroom) work
Put dried ara in the kiln and smoke it.


Smoke with coconut sawdust
I am using coconut sawdust for smoking. Fumigation adjustment is also decided by skilled craftsman Waza.


Insecticidal, mildew-proof effect is born
By smoking, the insecticidal and mildew-proofing effect will be overcome, and furthermore, a special ama color with smoky smell and gloss will be born. It is the same color condition as pottery and so on, so all changes at the time of the situation so it will be one Ata product to the world to the customer.


Confirm the questions and inventory of products

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