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In Jupunkochi, we are producing Yosakoi costume, festival costume.

In JepunKochi, we devote ourselves to planning, proposal and production of costumes worn by the team's dancers participating in the "Yosakoi Festival" while also having a meeting with the team staff.
Especially, Asian taste, ethnic taste Yosakoi costume manufacture please leave.


2009年 よさこいチーム『C』様


2014年 よさこいチーム『K』様


2011年 よさこいチーム『C』様


2010年 よさこいチーム『C』様

What is Yosakoi Festival?

About 200 teams in the Kochi city's competition hall / performance hall every year in August every year, a dancer with about 19,000 Naruko and regional cars that gorgeously decorate the city dance in the city Tosa's summer It is a poetry.
Boasting a history of more than 60 years since the first in 1954, events such as YOSAKOI Soran and Super Yosakoi adopted the "Naruko Dance" in various parts of the country, and now Yosakoi dance in the world It is done.
The team's individualization progresses more and more, the attention and ingenuity of each team such as music, hairstyle, costume, choreography and so on glows and amuses onlookers.
In the summer, people who participate as dancers and people who watch things visit Kochi, dancers and spectators come together to enjoy the "Yosakoi Festival" and enjoy the hot four days.


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