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Ethnic Fashion Dictionary

What is ethnic fashion
Ethnic means "ethnic, ethnic, ethnic, infidels" and so on, and ethnic fashion is widely used as a term representing ethnic clothes meaning "ethnic".
It is a fashion where the region mainly including Africa, the Middle East, South America, India, Southeast Asia, Mongolia, etc. has a distinctive color, pattern and texture, and the images that convey each country's character are transmitted.

Ethnic fashion growing up with the history of the world who seems to know and does not know is very deep and pleasant.
I will explain the ethnic fashion and ethnic miscellaneous goods and the terms related to it, centering on items handled at our shop.

It is an ethnic instrument born in West Africa. Originally it is said that a mother made toys for children. Two spheres connected by a cord contain grass seeds, etc. It is a companion of percussion instruments that shake a string with a finger and hit a ball and sound a sound. There are elements like juggling, there are various techniques. What this Asarato was introduced to Japan is called "Pachinka".

Ata Bag
Ata is a plant of the fernaceae native to Indonesia. After knitting up the crane of Ata, the Ata product which is made by smoking is famous as a special product of Indonesia.
I will explain until you can do ata product

Aladdin pants
In addition to the deep inseam, there is space to dabbard from the crotch to the knee, pants with unique silhouette with its hem narrowed. Saruel pants, Zuave pants etc are called also.

Kasuri weaving in Indonesia. It is a woven fabric that expresses patterns by weaving previously dyed threads. The verb [ikat] meaning Indonesian tying, enclosing, tying is the etymology. Indonesia is a treasure trove of one of the world's most famous kasuri fabrics, and it is also characterized by unique patterns depending on each region and ethnic group.

Generic name for embroidery and sewing. It is a technique of decorating with needle and thread, also called needle work.

It is a pillar of the God of Hinduism who holds the elephant's head and four arms, and is regarded as the god of study and god of commerce. That name is Sanskrit and means "Lord of the crowd (Esha)".

Gamelan ball
It is a decoration of spheres made of silver and brass playing the same sound as the instrument "Gamelan" indispensable to music devoted to the gods of Bali. Every time a metal ball placed inside a sphere touches a comb-shaped tooth on the inside it plays a mysterious sound.

Crinkle processing
Crinkle is a process that creases wrinkle in English, meaning "wrinkle pull", "undulation twist", "bend", "twist" and so on. Since it gives a three-dimensional feeling to the fabric, it has less area to touch the skin directly and is often used for summer clothing because there is a refreshing feeling. Also, there is less washing shrinkage due to the three-dimensional feeling on the fabric, which also has the advantage that the disadvantages of the fabric are easily hidden.

It is a tunic-style clothing with a thin collar or no collar, and is wearing in the Punjab region mainly from Pakistan to the northwestern part of India

Geri cotton
Hand textile fabric of Nepal.

Gore pants
It is a stretch pants with lycra that has good elasticity and elasticity. There are many V-shaped cuts that do not tighten the waist, and it is also popular as yogaware with an outstanding fit.

It is a technique of superimposing cloth, sewing by embroidering patterns such as geometric patterns with thread on one side. Although it is a traditional method, recently there are many things with colorful hues and designs.

It is a wooden shoe made by hollowing out hard water resistant wood (beech, walnut, alder, Tonelico etc.). Recently the thing with the same design is called Sabo, even if the part of the instep was made from soft material. It is said to be "clog".

Also called aladdin pants. Saruel pants were originally an ethnic costume in the Islamic cultural area, but as a result of appearance in the Paris collection in 1977, it became attracting attention as fashion. Deep inseam, pants featuring a unique shape with clear space from the inseam to the knee. The waist part has clearance, narrowing to narrow from the knee toward the ankle.

Jute, Kuma, Tsunasu, India and Bangladesh are the main production areas. Jute fibers used for bags and shoes are stretchy and less stable, and because they also have fluff, it is also a material with high thermal retention.

It is used in Hindu temple in Bali, it is a box with a lid for putting offerings etc and carrying it. Originally bamboo-knitted was the mainstream, but many things such as bamboo, aluminum, sequined things etc. are also made and many fashionable things are made and used for shopping and storage boxes, too.

Thai Dai
In terms of tie dye seen throughout Asia, it means "Tie (dyed)". After we tie a part of the cloth with threads, we dye it, leave the conditioned part white, and make a pattern. In addition to tying with threads, there are also methods of tightening after sewing with threads according to the design, or tightening with a bar or plate and dyeing.

Thai pants
In Thailand it is also called Kangaen Lay (= Thai fisherman's pants meaning) and Fisherman pants (English) etc from what fishermen are wearing. After passing through the feet, wear the remaining part in the body and tie it with a string, it is a classic pants with ethnic fashion.

Chap (Batik · Chap)
It is one of the techniques of batik (batik dyed), which is a stamped batik that uses a copper stamp called chap to make a pattern by transferring wax to cloth.

Pasar bag
"Pasar" refers to "market" in Indonesian. It is light and durable because it knits with a plastic string. Because it can be washed as well, Bali is used as a shopping bag.

The African-born ethnic musical instrument Asarat was introduced to Japan, and it came to call Pachika what came to be made of plastic material. Pebbles etc are contained in a ball which is connected by a string, and when it shakes it sounds like a shakashaka. Shake and hit the two balls together to sound, and use rhythm with various techniques.

It is botanical dyeing of traditional craftworks produced in Indonesia. In Japan, batik also called JAWA Sake is a universal language of batik dyed. There are various techniques in batik, each name varies depending on the type and manufacturing method.

"Beer = Beer" "Chang = Elephant" The beer of the elephant that two elephants have become a point is also a major beer in Thailand.

Mirror work
It is said that embroidery using mica that protects himself from evil ones in Indian handicrafts in ancient India has begun. Eventually it will become a mirror from mica, and now there are also some made by holding acrylic board etc.
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One of the mountain ethnic minorities in Southeast Asia and colorful embroidery is famous. Each motif of embroidery has its own meaning, and he seems to have used embroidery as a means of tradition.

Excellent fit, excellent stretchy material, often used for gore pants and so on. "Lycra" is a registered trademark of Du Pont de Nemours and USA, the name polyurethane is commonly used in general. There are various ways of calling such as "rayon lycra" and "cotton lycra" due to the difference in materials to mix.


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